As I presented to those in #Everything, the fact that you know you will die in a year is inconsequential. It's what you do with that year that gives yourself and others a glimpse into your personality.

Of course, upon receiving the news, there would definitely be a large amount of devestation. I mean, your life is going to end in a year. You have a year to live, and then everything ends. Nothing.

The first stage would consist of sadness, depression, and anger. Sad, because you're going to lose the universe along with your life. Depression, because it's coming and you know it. Anger, because it's all happening to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people wouldn't get past the first stage. These people are doomed to spend their final year sitting home, moping in self pity.

The second stage would be acceptance. This might even come with a little bit of determination to try to find a cure - even if death is certain. (which it never is.)

Personally, I'd make time to do all of the things I would have put off doing, or would have never done in fear of how people would think of me. God dammit, if I'm going out, I'm going out in style. A partial list:

  • If I had a disease that wasn't communicable, I'd go to my old high school and lay down a really passionate kiss on my Senior English teacher. Just because.
  • I would ride a rollercoaster that actually has a loop. (I've only ridden coasters that don't go upside-down.)
  • Skydiving! I've always wanted to jump out of a plane, but I'll admit I've been too scared to try it. A free fall that fast compounded by a parachute would scare the hell out of me. In this situation, however, that would be the point.
  • Try to find a way to visit people I look up to and admire. If nothing else but to tell them they've had an impact on my life.
  • Spend time with my friends and family. Do stuff together. Have a lot of fun.
  • Give away all of my belongings. There's no sense in a will if I have time to handle things personally. "Hi. I'm going to die soon, and I'd like you to have this."
  • Teach something to someone. Thoroughly. That way, I won't ever really be gone, as I have left something of me with someone else. (A Mind Meld would be handy, but that's not an option.)

In general, I'd be going out with a bang. Out of anything that I do, I will definitely want to do something in which I would certainly be remembered. That would be my terminal goal.