I know the answer.

Let's say we die in a hospital. The time of death is noted, as are any of our last words. The doctor will then prepare a certificate stating time and cause of death. If the cause of death has not been established, a post-mortem examination (autopsy) is performed.

Once the hospital has completed its paperwork, we are released to our family so they can choose a method of disposal. Let's assume we're gonna be buried.

The body is sent to a funeral home where preparation begins. The funeral director will lay our body out on a table and remove all of our clothing. The clothing is either washed and returned to our family, or destroyed. Jewlery and glasses are then inventoried.

The body's surface is then sponge-cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Once we're all clean, we are positioned. Rigor Mortis is relieved by massaging and flexing our limbs, and they are usually straightened.

A small incision is then made in both the carotid artery and the jugular vein (ouch!) to drain the blood from the body. A pumping tube is placed into the carotid artery, and a drain tube is placed in the jugular vein. Embalming fluid is then pumped into the carotid artery pushing the blood out through the jugular vein. This fluid circulates through the body for disinfection, and our blood is disposed of. (I wonder how this would feel. I'd imagine it's none too pleasant.)

Another small incision is made above the navel, and a long needle is inserted into the abdominal and thoracic cavities (ouch again!). Blood is then drained from these cavities. Once the blood has been drained, a strong disinfectant solution is pumped into the body's organs.

When the incisions have been closed, the body is again washed with cool water and a germicidal solution containing bleach. Our fingernails are cleaned, and solvents are used to remove any remaining stains on our body. They wash our hair, trim and/or remove facial hair, and remove nose/ear hair.

The body is then dressed with a full set of clothing, and the face is cosmetized with either store bought, or special mortuary cosmetics. The remains are then placed into a casket, positioning the body in a natural, relaxed position. Final touch-ups are also made to the body and the casket, and are prepared for viewing.

A wake takes place where friends and family say their last goodbyes, and the casket is closed and buried in a cemetery.

Then we decompose.