Velvet Jones made his first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1981 to promote his book entitled I Wanna Be A Ho. Velvet has become a reasonably successful author, and has made a total of seven appearances on SNL.

Some works by Velvet Jones:


• Velvet Love: "When she touched her lips to the glass, Lawanda's heart beat inside her. I knew from that very first moment that the three dollars I had spent on wine would not go to waste."

• Kicked in the Butt by Love: "I saw her standing at the gates of the Lincoln Tunnel. Dare I approach her? My heart pounded inside my chest. I felt a burning in my loins I had never felt before. Thus, I realized I had been... Kicked in the Butt by Love."

Who wrote the book of love? Velvet. It's as simple as that!

Velvet Jones is played by Eddie Murphy.