Does anyone else agree that The Borg are a lot less menacing now, than they were in "Q Who?" or "The Best of Both Worlds"?

The Borg worked as one mind. No emotion, just a cold and scary enemy. They adapted, and didn't take any shit from anyone. You will be assimilated. Period.

"The Best of Both Worlds" went deeper into what The Borg were all about. Picard was kidnapped and assimilated. Locutus was not a leader, but simply a figurehead to represent the Borg during Earth's attempted assimilation. If Earth had been assimilated, Picard would have became "Just Another Drone." Riker had to whip out some bad-ass technique to defeat them. They adapted, but screwed up because they didn't anticipate Riker's actions. The only way to defeat The Borg was by creative strategy, not head-butting battle.

Then, "Star Trek: First Contact" comes along. A great movie, with the exception of the Borg Queen. She is an individual - totally against what the Borg were originally portrayed as. She has emotion, is evil, and embodies a weakness in the Borg. (Destroy the Queen, and fuck up some Borg! - Stupid.) The Borg were a hell of an enemy as a single collective, but here comes this gimpy drone to lead them all. She got screwed because she trusted Data a bit too much. (If it were the REAL Borg, trust, emotion, collaboration....would have all been irrelevant.)

And now, there's Unimatrix Zero. This episode of Voyager was painful for me to watch. A Borg Soap Opera! "We go to this beautiful place when we regenerate, but we assimilate and kill when we're awake." And of course, Janeway rushes in to negotiate with the Borg Queen. (Negotiation is irrelevant, dammit!)

*Sigh*, I'll miss the good ol' days when The Borg were a real enemy. "The Best of Both Worlds" was a suspenseful episode - genuinely scary in some parts. Now? Borg drones fight with themselves in an identity crisis, and attend Group Therapy in Unimatrix Zero.

But hey, We'll always have Paris.