Britney Spears couldn't find anyone better to rip off than the Backstreet Boys. OH MY GOD! In Lucky, she goes into a falsetto-ish bit which seems to have been forced into the song to make it cool. She sings "Then why do these tears come at night?" to the exact same tune, (and chords) as "And that makes you larger than life." (Except for the last note or two).

First of all, Britney Spears didn't rip off anyone (Except maybe the Rolling Stones, but I don't consider that a ripoff....)

Britney's song "Lucky" (Track 7, Oops!...I did it again) was co-written by Max Martin. Not coindidentally, "Larger than Life" was ALSO co-written by Max Martin. You assume one artist is ripping off another, but Britney didn't write "Lucky".

Max Martin didn't rip himself off, either. He just has a discernable writing style.

So tell single line of one single song makes it "Blatently Stolen" from another? "Lucky" and "Larger than Life" are nothing like each other.

Wouldn't it make sense to REMOVE the incorrect parts of a node, rather than say "Oh, by the way, the writeup you just read? This one part is wrong. That's wrong too. Oh, and that's incorrect as well."

GirlsDontLikeMe makes my point, precisely. Just because one line sounds a lot like a line from another song, that makes it blatently ripped?