True Story.

I walk into the office after a quick trip downstairs. My arms are full with a bounty of several cans of Dr Pepper. I stop at one of the offices whose occupant gave me a strange look regarding my payload. I look at him, and ask:

"You know what one of the greatest things in the world is?"

"Dr Pepper?"

"Nope. Generous Vending Machines."

Rewind 20 minutes prior.

I decide I can use a snack and a drink. Our office is on the second floor, and there's a set of vending machines on the ground floor. I take a quick trip, and stop at the snack machine first. I choose a bag of potato skins, and migrate to the soda machine. I put in my $.55, and make my selection - in this case, I was in the mood for a Dr Pepper.

Two cans come tumbling down. I look at the cans sitting in the tray, and think to myself "I wonder if I can do that again."

I remove the cans from the tray, and begin depositing some more change. It clunks down into the change return. I try again. Nothing. So I try another set of coins, and they plink down to the change return as well. I take out a dollar bill, and try to put it through the scanner. It refuses to even pull it in.

This machine has stopped taking money. Curious.

So I press the Dr. Pepper button again. Four more cans tumble down to the exit, and the machine finally resets.


So I cheerfully take my six cans of Dr Pepper back up to my office, and stock up my mini-refrigerator.

This vending machine, the very same vending machine that causes me so much grief charging such an uneven price for a soda, has now bestowed such a generous gift upon me. How... thoughtful! *sniff*