"Hi, Chris. What did you do this morning?"

Well, I built an entire fleet of starshps, and I defeated the Borg in battle by destroying their base near Starbase 612.

And I had a bagel.

My brother convinced me to buy a new game: Star Trek - Armada. It's a strategy game along the lines of Total Annihilation, except it takes place in space (duh) and allows you to play as the Federation, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire, or the Borg. It's a fun game, and supports Internet multiplayer. The first (and last) time I played online, I got my ass whipped pretty badly, so I'm practicing in Single Player mode for the time being.

It's a cool game, but the amateur voice acting needs work. The regular cast does a good job with their voices (Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn), but the no-name characters are terrible. Send orders to a ship to have it go to a repair facility, and the captain says "Starfleet....we have a problem." Everything this guy says uses the inflections of a game show announcer.

Click on another ship and have it sent to a different part of the sector, and the female voice says "Be ready for anything" in the quality of an elementary school production.

Other than the voice acting and some control issues, it's a great game.

I bought three music CDs this week. All For You by Janet Jackson, No Angel by Dido, and History: Book I by Michael Jackson. The first two have arrived, and the third should be here early next week. I lent Dido to a friend of mine, who (in her incredibly busy schedule) accompanied me to lunch today.

Lunch Log: Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu with a nice, oily pasta salad.