Got to work a bit early this morning. Brought a can of pre-made food to eat for lunch, made myself some hot cocoa, and prepare to settle in for another wonderful day of work.

People have been noticing lately that I'm not myself. Everyone is like "Are you okay?" and "You seem down. You're not as chipper as usual." I'm not telling them what's wrong, because I don't really want to talk about it. What's to talk about? I'm lonely. I've lived in this city for a year, and I know nobody outside of work. Telling people this would clue them in that I'm pathetic. I don't need that.

I'm going to ask the girl from Blockbuster if she wants to go out for coffee. I was going nuts trying to figure out a nice place to take someone just to get to know them, without putting any pressure on them. Going to a movie is definitely out of the question. Too intimate. Dinner is out, because I don't know her at all, and dinner is something you do when you are familiar with someone.

So it just popped into my head. Coffee at Barnes and Noble. Sounds good.

Lunch Log: Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli w/Meatballs.