I turned on my Air Conditioning last night, because my apartment was hotter than the air outside.

This morning, I woke up to a bit-too-cool apartment.

On top of that, I got up when my alarm clock said to get up - except it mysteriously lost an extra hour, so when it says it's 8:00, it's actually 7:00.

What's that mean?

That means it's another early day for me. WooHoo! (Yeah Right.)

I went shopping yesterday. Bought lots of soup, lots of TV Dinners, some lettuce, and other miscellaneous shit. My fridge has been empty for so long. Not because I'm low on money, but because I don't go food shopping all that often.

I bought all that, as well as a bag of chips.

I've decided to wait a day or two before I go back to The Blockbuster with the Girl. I don't want to come off as Stalker-ish, so I'll give it some time. I just hope something comes of it, or else I can't see what it'll do to me. Again.

Lunch Log: Campbell's Hearty Chicken Noodle "Soup-to-Go!" cup.