Happy Friday!

One of our traffic logging boxes went down at work yesterday, and I fixed it all by myself.

/me gets a GOLD STAR.

So today starts out interestingly enough. I wake up at 5:00 AM, and my brain decides I won't be going back to sleep.


So I get out of bed. At 5:03 in the morning. And I don't have to be at work until 10:00. Goody. Let's shower now, and get it out of the way. Watch a little TV, do a little reading, then start on my daylog.

I'll be damned. It's 9:00 already.

I tell you, Thank God It's Friday. This has been a longer week than usual, but nothing seriously bad. I'm just glad I have a nice relaxing weekend to look forward to. And then everything starts over on Monday! Whee!

I'll be formatting my Windows partition this weekend. It's about that time where the Windows life span has neared its end. Except this time, I'm going to make future formats a lot easier. I'm going to install the necessities for my box, including the latest patches, device drivers, IE5, and a few other things. Then, I'm going to dd the partition to an image file, and burn it to CD. Then I'm going to create a boot disk that (when the CD is in the drive) will format the partition and spray the image back on to the drive. So when I have to do this again, I won't have to sit through any installers.

WooHoo! Accipiter's E-Z System Reconstruction Kit.

Lunch Log: I'm bringing lunch to work today, but if I tell you NOW what I'm having, it won't be any fun!