Time marches on. Thus begins the first day of a new month.

Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's March 1st.

Typical nightly traffic last night. A few SunRPC scans here - a few DNS scans there. The occasional NetBus attempt. Same old shit. Except... I wasn't expecting a 2 meg log file this morning.

It seems one of our customers got nmapped. Again. This happened last month, too. The source is from the same Class C, so it's most definitely the same person. I called their ISP and sent them the log. The tremendous log. The log that took more than 10 seconds to send on a dual T1. He said he'd investigate the incident and get back to me. Cool.

Both yesterday and today, I stopped at the local Japanese market to pick up the "Vegetable Stew with Rice" bowl for lunch, and both times I went, they were closed. Yesterday was weird, because their hours stated they'd be open. Today, they didn't open until 10 AM, and it was only quarter 'til when I drove by. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I need a mousepad.

Lunch Log: Einstein Bros Bagel - The "Holey Cow" - Roast Beef, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo on an onion bagel. Apple Juice, and a bag of garlic bagel chips. My breath is going to be wonderful today.