The M2 Bradley was the United States Army's first infantry combat vehicle. First manufactured in 1981 by FMC Corp., the M2's hull is composed of steel, 5083 aluminum, as well as 7039 aluminum armor.

The M2 can float in water, which I think is pretty damn cool.

The troop compartment of the M2 is outfitted with firing ports, periscopes and thermal night vision. To maximize the amount of space within the troop compartment, the tank's two-man turret was offset to the right. Access to the troop compartment was through a large ramp in the rear. The M2's personnel capacity is 9 men - The Commander in turret-left, the Gunner in turret-right, the Driver in hull-left-front, and six passengers.

The M2 is armed with a 360° 25mm Chain Gun M242 manual/electric turret with 300 of 900 rounds ready. Also on a turret is the tank's Dual TOW missile launcher. The tank carries a total of five TOW missiles, with two already in the launcher. The M2 is also armed with a 7.62mm M240C Machine Gun with 2200 rounds.