December 15, 2000 - Calcutta, India:
A 30 year old man, believed to be drunk, was killed by a tiger in view of spectators at Alipur Zoo. The man jumped over a fence into the tiger enclosure, pissing the tiger off, causing it to swipe at him with his paw. One blow killed him.

January 22, 2000 - Rome, Italy:
A local man who kept wild animals as pets, was found dead. He had been eaten by one of his lions. You DO have to feed them, you know.

November 18, 1999 - China:
Four tigers mauled a driver to death at a safari park. He had left his bus to make repairs. You know those signs that say "Do not leave vehicle"? They're not kidding.

September 21, 2000 - Vandalur, India:
A zookeeper died after being mauled by a panther at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park while she was cleaning the cage.

What's that? Oh, you meant a house cat? Well damn...