Work seems to be going by slower than usual today.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. Today just seems to be boring for some reason. Maybe it's because the sales staff is in New Jersey for the weekend, so the office is quiet. Who knows?

I'm getting more and more frustrated with my manager. Ever since he became the director of security, he seems to think I don't need to be informed of anything that's going on - including the happenings in my own department. This has gone on for the past two weeks, and it's not getting any better.

I bought a Dreamcast game on eBay earlier this week - Dead or Alive 2. It was in my mailbox last night. I opened it up and started it, only to find that it's a pirated Japanese version! The eBay seller is dealing exclusively in multiple copies of Dreamcast games. The inserts in the jewel case are clearly printed on an inkjet printer. I'm pretty pissed off about this. $30 for a stripped down, illegal foreign copy of a game. (I wouldn't mind the full version in Japanese, if it was legit.)

I propose a new feature! Ever since I moved to Atlanta, I have been exposed to some really unique cuisine that I had never even thought of trying before I moved out on my own. Much of it is very good. So, starting today, I shall node a Lunch Log in with my daylog. I encourage others to do the same! Okay, so maybe today's lunch log isn't one of the best examples of this, but as I said, half the staff is gone today, so I ate lunch here.

Lunch Log: Half a package of saltine crackers, some sprinkled with hot sauce.