My manager is back from vacation today, and he didn't waste any time to find something to bitch at me about. Our VP/GM asked me to check something out regarding the security of our network, so I did it. I'm in the security department, after all.

According to my manager, what I did was wrong, and I should have left it for engineering to deal with.

Umm...Yeah, I can't figure it out either. God forbid I take a little initiative.

It's not like I was dismantling the network, either. I was investigating a security issue and how it can affect our network. That's it. Just reading and educating others. But yet, that's not my job.

Well shit.

Anyway, I got the AC adapter for my mini refrigerator. (Yes, the one on Thinkgeek.) I've been stocking it with Pokka Milk Coffee imported from Japan. It's good.

The only thing is, I keep drinking it. I can never keep any "in stock." heh.

Lunch Log: Subway Club.