It's the day after our Sexual Harassment Training. (I will call it that, dammit.)

Everyone is still jokingly accusing everyone else of harassment. It's lightened up the office, and injected an added dose of humor into our typical lives.

I bet the creators of the program didn't intend that.

Anyway, it was a pretty standard day, and nobody ended up complaining about my Britney Spears stuff I have hanging around my office. I have such good co-workers.

It sure is nice not to have any enemies at work. Well, at least in the city you work. (I have a few choice words for those monkeys in corporate, mind you.)

Speaking of Monkeys, I installed PortaMonkey on my Palm VIIx. He's rockin! I shock him with electricity when he gets busy with his little bunny friend, just for shits and giggles. And speaking of shit, if there's any handy, he'll toss it at my screen if I put him in a dress, shock him, or piss him off in any way. At the moment, he's quite obese. I fed him too many bananas.

He's a good little monkey. I just wish there was a way to spank him...

Lunch Log: Leftover Pizza from Yesterday.