...It's just another Manic Monday. (Woah ooh Woah)

President's Day. Today was an elective holiday at work, but I decided to go in anyway because I had the weekend's logs to catch up on. If I waited another day, it would be another 24 hours to sift through. Not fun.

So I went in to work today. Checked some E-Mail, sent some off, same old drill.

Trying to get shit paid for on PayPal today, and ran into a problem. It seems PayPal was having tremendous network problems due to network connectivity issues. Lots of heavy traffic on their site, so I had to keep attempting to resubmit my payment, thanks to their handy "Your payment was not processed due to heavy traffic. Click here to try again!]

So PayPal charges my credit card. TWICE.

Putting it over the limit.

And PayPal Customer Service is closed today.

So I had to call my card issuer and ask for a credit increase (which I really DON'T want), just so I can avoid any fees because PayPal made a mistake. They're going to hear from me tomorrow. You betcha.

Lunch Log: Wendy's Spicy Chicken Combo (With a Baked Potato instead of Fries), and a Small Chili.