Yesterday, someone in #Everything mentioned a Brothel. That's where I ended up in my first dream. Except, it wasn't a typical brothel, as they had free T-Shirts, and only a few young, very attractive women.

I got with one of them, a woman about my height with shoulder-length dark blonde hair. She expertly put on the condom for me, and we did our thing. This dream was one of the few graphic ones I've had. I witnessed a few seconds of the act itself in porn-quality closeup.

We stop later, get dressed, and we BOTH leave. (?)

Dream Shift

I'm walking along the wall of a tremendous red brick cathedral when suddenly, there's some kind of disaster and the walls around me literally explode. There are people everywhere running around, and some people are crushed by the rubble. I, and the people with me, turn out to be very lucky. There are probably somewhere of about thirty people with me.

It turns out we're on some kind of field trip. We share two rooms, with two tremendous beds in each room. That's upstairs, and on the other side of the cathedral. Right now, we're dealing with the disaster at hand.

We made our way over, around and through the rubble, and come across a door. I open it, and there's a guy inside, sleeping naked in a washing machine. He slept through the entire thing. He wakes up, looks at us, says "Hi. Sorry, I bathe in here." We then closed the door and walked off to the right.

Whether it was for disaster relief, or a scheduled performance, I don't know. But later that night, we happened upon a large makeshift auditorium set up outside, with all the seating filled with people. On stage was George Carlin, doing his routine. We sat and watched. Towards the end of his performance, he picked up his microphone stand, and pointed the base toward the audience. He started twisting the knob at the bottom of the base while simultaneously twisting the pole in the same direction. He continued to talk, and I remember him saying something like "Women should be able to do something" which received applause from the audience. I was still focused on what he was doing with the stand, when he yelled "WHAT AM I DOING?" referring to the stand itself.

I raised my hand, and replied with my answer.


I was correct, and George was visibly surprised, and pleased to hear someone get the right answer. (He was unscrewing the base of the stand, but he was also turning the pole in the same direction. Therefore, he wasn't accomplishing anything.)

Later that night, we're back in our rooms contemplating the day's events. Well, I was, anyway. Everyone else was asleep. I walked over to the window which looked out over the front of the cathedral, where the night's performance had took place. I then looked to my left, and was able to see inside the window of the other room, and everyone else asleep in there as well.