I had a really, really fun and incredibly detailed dream last night. As I write this, I can't get over the detail of the surroundings, as well as the conversation.

I'm walking down a hallway thinking about the abrupt end of some Star Trek: TNG episodes that cut off the actor describing something. (Something about Deanna Troi explaining scissors, and another about her explaining about a "Tea Pin", whatever that is.)

I walk into a large room with lots of tables. People populate the room at different tables, and I make my way over to a table with familiar faces. I sit down. The tables are rectangular, about the width of two people. Each table has five chairs.

      3 4 |
   5 |    | Wall
      1 2 |

I sit down at 2. Across from me at seat 4 is Commander William T. Riker. To his right is Counselor Troi. Lieutenant Tasha Yar sits at 5. We talk about stuff, and I bring up my previous thought about the cut-offs.

Our drinks arrive, and are served to us by none other than Captain James T. Kirk, looking as he did in TOS.

"Thank you, Captain." I say.

Kirk looks at me and says "Shame on you...for wearing your rank pips in such a mess." and he walks off. I reach up and feel my rank pips with my fingers.

Riker looks at me, eyebrows raised, sporting a half-smile. "He's right."

I realize this tunic used to belong to Riker, and I smile. "If that's how they are, then that's how you left them. I wash this shirt with the pips on, so I don't have to keep taking them off and putting them back."

Deanna and Will both smile. He works his jaw thinking of a comeback.

I look over at Tasha, and she's wearing one of the newer uniforms. (The ones with the color at the shoulders, and the rest is black.) She's also wearing Worf's sash. The conversation turns to the sash.

I look at it, and say "I always thought it was Klingon, then I thought it might be Starfleet. And I remember in the alternate universe episode, it attached to a belt around your waist."

The dream starts to fade at this point, and I think we're called to duty. We get up, and start to walk out as everything fades away.