Last night (or this morning, as the case may be), I experienced one of the clearest and most intense Love Dreams I've had my entire life. I remember every detail with such incredible clarity.

I was in the bathroom at my parents' house, and with me, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had just-above-shoulder-length, slightly curly brunette hair, a gorgeous face and smile, and she was a little taller than me (probably around 5'5". She was wearing dark blue denim overalls, and underneath, a tight-fitting, white, blank babydoll shirt.

We were talking about nothing in particular, and just touching and caressing each other playfully. She said something, stopped talking, and stared at me with her deep brown eyes. I unbuttoned one of her overall buttons, and time jumped to the next morning.

We had both dressed. During, and after getting dressed, we were again, just talking. She mentioned being a virgin the night before, and I remember repeating it to her clear as day: "You were a virgin before last night?" and I remember her saying "I don't know if I should have done that, but I'm glad we did." She was genuinely happy, as was I. (I never actually dreamt the sex act. The best dreams always leave that out in good taste. I just wish I knew if I was good.)

My clothes were piled up on the corner of the bathtub, and I had my arm WAY around her when her mother came in. I quickly pulled my arm back so my hand was on her shoulder, and said "HI!"

Her mother started questioning why my clothes were on the bathtub. My mind was reeling to come up with excuses, enough to say one of them was a bathing suit. She had her suspicions, though she never said anything.

After her mother exited the bathroom, my companion and I looked at each other, and laughed. (For the duration of the dream, she never had a name attributed to her. A shame, too. She was beautiful.)

Later, I left the bathroom, and her mother was sitting on the couch in the living room. I told her I was putting my clothes in the hamper, and that I wish I had a hamper in my apartment. She looked at me funny, and said "You don't have.....a hamper?!" I told her "Well, I have a hamper here, but not in my apartment." She repeated her first question, and I explained to her (very slowly) that I had a hamper HERE, and not in my apartment. She nodded, but I don't think she "got it."

I put my clothes in the hamper, and thus ended the dream.