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"When cooking, be nonchalant and proceed with an attitude of victory over all difficulties, imaginary or otherwise." -- Irma Rombauer
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Something I should node: Zilpha Snyder's Green Sky Trilogy, beginning with Below the Root.
Being Andrew Plotkin. It's not noded. It should be, it needs to be -- that is, the Andrew Plotkin node needs to be linked to it. I could node it. But what would I write? A description, a review -- it's been done, several times over, and I haven't particularly got anything to add. The reasonable thing to do would be to link to the existing resource, but I can't do that here because E2 does not support external linking. Grr. I guess I'll nodeshell and hope the links carry it. I have a better chance of getting away with than than with writing a two line write-up.

I admit it. I'm not really here to Node for the Ages. My Merit and Devotion scores are generally not positive numbers. I'm just a noder by assosciation, only here for the great sex. And I don't check my Message Inbox too often.

So I was rather suprised when I came home one day to find my house full of noders and smelling of chocolate. Not that this is a bad thing, but I was caught rather off-guard. I vowed to go back and check my inbox some time later to find out what had happened, but when I finally did so, I was overwhelmed.

I can't deal with this. I don't need another messaging system, I already have e-mail and more instant messengers and chat protocols than I can shake a stick at. Why can't my Everything messages come with my e-mail messages?

(Acap stops and checks what that "e-mail messages" link comes up with. Well hot damn.)


I've spent some time with FREE GEEK. See me on their Wiki.

I've also been seen near Python and GIMP.
I went to school for a while.
My hair is growing back again.
- It's so darn cute in pigtails, they say.

This is all her fault.
Except for the monkey, that's qous's.