Q. Does anosmia lead to a reduced sense of taste?

A. Most likely, however, there are no scientific studies on the subject. Since the tongue and mouth regions are home to millions of taste buds, I think it would be foolish to claim that anosmics (people with anosmia) cannot taste anything at all, which is a different condition called aguesia. (People often assume that I have no sense of taste when I tell them I am anosmic. Once one woman asked if it heightened my sense of taste, like an even lamer Daredevil, if a lamer Daredevil is imaginable.) In my personal experience, I can differentiate different flavors just fine, as proved in casual blindfolded tests. Here's the rub: I have no way to get a comparison. Some have tried to claim I have no sense of taste becuase I like cuttlefish flavored rice snacks. Thse claims are untrue and reflect an anti-cuttlefish bias.

Q. Are there college scholarships or grants for anosmics?

A. No, but I have received several disablity scholarships by stating "anosmia" as my disablity. This would be easy to fake, like anosmia itself.

Q. Who are some famous anosmics?

A. The only one I know of is Michael Hutchence, former lead singer of INXS who died by hanging himself, in a possible incident of autoerotic asphyxiation.