Mom sent me a package today. All weekend long she kept calling asking, "Have you gotten my package yet?", "Be carfeul when you open it, I put something special in it", "Did you check your mailbox?", "Call me when you get it"

I love talking with my mom- I can't think of anyone else who boosts my self-confidence more than she does. Every little thing I do well, "Great job! Super! I'm so proud, that must have been so hard!" Which I could see how some people take it to belittling or tiresome, but she's only trying to be encouraging. Even with all the shit she puts up with and all the time she's spent driving me around and cleaning up after me, she still loves me. She could've been out traveling the world or out "partying" with her friends, but for some reason she decided to put up with a bratty, know-it-all kid (five of them at that).

The package had some money and two sweaters (and of course a "I love you, Mom" note).

Hmm... I suppose this would be more appropiate on Mother's Day rather than on Halloween. Oh well.

No plans for tonight. I'll probably just do some programming and wait until the drunk sorority sluts roll in. Man, life would be so boring for people who don't drink if other people didn't.

(btw, I'm so just kidding about taking of advantage the drunk sorority sluts... they never come back until the next morning anyway ;-)