We decided to put trip to DC off until next week for a number of reasons. First, Chris got Mechwarrior 4 demo- he's friggin obsessed with that series. Second, I never wrote the three papers I was supposed to write Friday night, or Saturday afternoon or night. Brian just bought a copy of Command and Conqueor: Red Alert 2 and let me play a few scenarios. It's okay. I think I'm too used to Starcraft's look and feel.

Big talk over my noding CIA World Factbook. I got lots of fan and flame msgs for it. I just wished people would stop praising me for it and vote them into the positive (hint, hint). Heh, it seems that some jerks took that to mean "look through his node list and downvote as many as write ups as I can". Their maturity and class overwhelms me.

Rob is busy organizing a weekly Beer and Porno Night. Everyone seems pretty excited about it- except of course Rebecca and the other girls on our hall. Basically, it seems we're going to storm the lounge in Hanover and just make ourselves at home. Liz is one of the few girls who might be up for it, though she might need a few beers to "get in the mood". I don't think Claire would be too thrilled over the idea of me going to it. Once again, we're still purely platonic. And by platonic I mean the "pure, nonsexual; philosophical, idealized" kind of best friend relationship. While talking to Scott I admitted that we definitly have something special, it's not every day you spend seven hours talking to a girl. He insists that I should "see if it could be something more," while I'm overly content at our present state. I've said it before, but it's like if someone gave you five billion dollars and offered you another fifty billion. Sure it's more, but five billion is so much in the first place, almost an excess actually. As I said in my node yesterday, I'm going to just outright ask her what she wants.

Atleast when the timing's right...