Today we go to DC. Chris, Gabe, and myself. Where in DC we do not know. The Mall? The movies? A muesum? A brothel? Whatever it may be, we're going to some how end up there.

I'm fairly pumped for it.

Earlier this morning (or last night, however you see it), I see Anna K in the hall. She's unusally affectionate and has kind of bloodshot eyes. Oh boy. But the gentleman I am, I pass up the opportunity and bid her farewell for the night. I end up hanging out in Gabe's and Rob's room watching anime for an hour or so (roomate went to bed early). When I come back to my room I hear giggling and sheets ruffling. From the light coming in through the window I can tell it's Anna K passed out on top of my roomate Edwin.

This is the difference between porno movies and the real life soap opras of a geek.

As it is the real life soap opras of a geek, I pretend to check on something real quick and then immediately leave. While waiting out in the hall it hits me that Anna K doesn't like Edwin, it's Pete (my other roomate) that she always flirts with heavily. (the plot thickens) Now do I wait until Pete gets back from the party, only for me to stall him from going inside or leave and come back pretending not to know anything?

It's cold outside. I really like Fall weather. The brisk chill really sharpens your senses and mind. My brain automatically switches into nostalgic-reflective-ponder mode with me being alone and chilly and at night. I decide that I need to confront Claire about what she wants: stay good friends or see where it goes?

After an hour or so I end up back at my dorm and she's gone and Ed's snoring.


About ten minutes after I left, Pete came back, but was too wasted to notice anything. So Pete's fast asleep on the bunk above Ed and Ann. But it wasn't until thirty minutes later when she left. Ed said nothing happend and Pete doesn't remember a thing (which is really good). Man, life would be so boring for people who don't drink if other people didn't drink.