I woke up to the sound of a whole bunch of guys shouting and laughing out in the hall. My first thought was "they are all fucking dead." Even though it was 10:00am people at college still sleep until 1:00 usually. I get out of bed and open the door to find 10 or 15 burly, heavy-set guys ripping up the carpet all along the hall.

Time to go back to bed.

I wake up an hour and half later and start to get ready for class (at noon). Wouldn't you know it, it wasn't a dream and this time they have glue all over the bare floor. Rather than put some glue down and then carpet over it, and do it patch by patch- they do it in two huge steps. Of course 20 minutes later they're still not done and are nowhere to be found. They took a friggin lunch break??!! There's no way I'm going to wait an hour for them to finish. It's MacGuyver time. Looking around the room I don't see anything except for a couple napkins left over from TacoBell last night. There's not enough to reach the door though... but if I spread them out enough I could reach the bathroom where there's an infiinite number of paper towels!


Damn, I should've spent more time playing baseball than Quake. I threw the first napkin too far, there's no way I could make that jump. So I grab my roommate's chair (no way I was going to use mine ;-) and put it right at the doorway. I have to make this just right, my room's about 12ft long, the chair a foot and half cube, six foot jump, and four inch square landing.

Needless to say, Nick walks up and inquires in his thick Southern accent, "What the fuck do you think you're doing boy?"

"Um, trying to jump over the glue."

"Glue? This is glue? Ah well, these shoes are half gone anyway..." Nick ends up getting me some paper towels and even lays them down in a nice little path. When the topic of what to do with them comes up he suggests burning them, after being informed that the glue is probably flammable, he still wants to burn them. At this point Anna K opens her door and wants out too. While Nick makes her a path, I manage to pull up my path.

Wow, I'm only 45 minutes late for class.