Wow, what an awesome day.

First you'll be happy to know that I finally got MDK2- if you didn't read my ordeal trying to find it, read my October 22, 2000 node. Ends up that this guy I know saw the BBS post and IMed me. How cool is that? I didn't have to do anything after all! I asked him to drop it in my upload folder through Network Neighborhood, but he was using Windows2000 and couldn't configure it so he could see people on the network. (the reason I suspect is when you install it it asks for a workgroup and a larger workgroup name, if you enter something in for the larger one, you can't see anyone with 9x computers). He tried sending it to me through AIM but I still have AIM 2.0 and refuse to get newer ones (I don't need AOL's latest and more privacy invading spyware). Plus AIM has no new features at all, ICQ has had it all for years.

I really detest using AIM anyway. You can't believe how frustrating it is playing Quake3 or Starcraft and someone IM's you, switching you out of the game. Even if I'm not playing a game, I'd like to finish what I was doing before having talking to them. It's friggin rude to just popup a new window everytime- ICQ behaves itself and just flashes a message in the systray. ICQ doesn't have advertisments either. I can also keep notes in people's info area so I remember who they are. Here at college my Buddy List is friggin huge. It's a pain trying to remember Name-> Face-> Screen Name-> Relationship. ICQ users also have numbers instead of names, so you don't have people on your list named "h0tiee ch1k 45436346" because you can choose any name you want.

Um, anyway sending it through AIM and network wouldn't work. So I suggested DCCing through IRC, but he didn't have IRC and didn't want to download mIRC. Wouldn't you know it, he has ICQ and we send it that way. (wow what an exciting ending!)

Well getting MDK2 with no effort was probably miracle number one for today. Number two would be that my roommate's sick. He's been sick for the past week. He's constantly having dull, constant throbbing headaches, extrememly painful ear trouble, a really digusting "wet" cough, and a bloodshot eye. He decided to go to the doctor yesterday, but noone was open and today he had to go to class. So before class he went to the infirmary here on campus and found out he's sick with THREE different illnesses! A major sinus infection, pinkeye, and this bubble filled with puss+blood is ramming against his ear drum (fun! fun! and fun!). So what's the good news? The medicine should clear up the ear thing in two days, pinkeye's treatable and he's not going to go blind (like he was afraid of), and sinus infection is common and treatable too.

Miracle number three: on the way to the drug store Pete (my roomate) found his wallet, which he had lost for over month, in Gabe's car! Too friggin cool.


Chris is thinking of rewriting his 3d engine, wants me to help. Before it was written using Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 (DOS), with BGI libraries. With BGI we could only do 640x480 and 16 color graphics. I downloaded DJGPP and Allegro libraries so we can make it more impressive. DJGPP is a free C/C++ compiler- it's basically GCC/G++ converted to DOS. I definitly see this project as the source of many a headache and blackhole for any school work in the future.