Today I went to DC for the first time I can remember. Man, what a city. From here at GMU, in Fairfax, my friend Rob and his extremely beautiful+smart+nice+rich girlfriend drove to the Metro Station. I bought a $5 day pass rather than two $2.80 tickets (one for ride there, one for way back). The ride over on the Metro was pretty uneventful, it was fun looking out of window at people though.

We arrived at Union Station late for the movie Bambuzal (we're supposed to watch it for my Reading Cultural Signs class). Union Station used to be the old train station, but was converted into a Metro Station/food court/mall/movie theater. The building itself is huge- the ceiling is maybe 2-3 stories high, huge statues are all along the wall, and it goes several floors underground too. Being in such a gigantic place with so many people all running somewhere was definitly an experience.

The movie was okay... had some really funny parts, but otherwise I wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't required. We talked afterwards about it, none of us knew what to make of the ending. It seemed as though the writer couldn't figure out an ending that would tie up the movie's theme, so he (WARNING: SPOILER) just kills everybody.

After the movie we walked around Union Station some more. I found some payphones and got their numbers (I have a collection of payphone numbers- don't ask). Again, Metro ride back was uneventful- I mostly stared out window thinking about religion (and it's relationship specifically to humans) while Rob+Jessica played with his cell phone. On the way out of the train station I gave my day-pass to this older black woman who was on her way into the station. She had her arms full of bags and looked really exhausted. After I gave her my pass she was stunned and then this really happy expression came over her. I felt really good from that. I almost wished I had more than one day-pass so I could hand more out.