Mom picked me up to go back home to vote. I would've just filled out an absentee ballot but I don't entirely trust them... On the way home we stopped and ate at a resturaunt. While waiting for our food, all of a sudden this lady next to our table starts to talk a few decibals louder than she was before. Naturally I couldn't help to tune in...

"I've always wondered how the rain knows where to rain freshwater and where to rain saltwater. I mean, how does it know? It rains saltwater in the ocean and some lakes but freshwater in others! Haven't you guys ever thought of this?"

She was in her late forties, her husband in his fifties, and an elderly couple was at their table too. I was just about to inform her that it rains freshwater everywhere, and the salt just stays there when she really started to kick her rant in gear.

"I can't believe noone has ever thought of this before- I mean people just take these 'scientific facts' for granted without really knowing what they're about. I mean come on, it rains saltwater in the ocean while raining freshwater only a few yards inland! I for one..."

This made me think, she did have a good point. People do just naturally assume anything labeled scientific is right. Though her argument is easy to explain, the other people at the table obviously couldn't answer it. Moreever, anything people see on TV that's filmed with a video camera and unknown actors is assumed to be real. I was completely duped by the Science Fiction Channel's special on the legend of the Blair Witch. It was a complete phony documentary- no where did it say it was real, I just assumed so. I probably fell so easily because of my habit of inhaling anything on the History Channel. A few weeks later I stumbled on an article about MTV's Road Rules and the hacker who managed to get on it. Abe told how it was all rigged, their whole life is basically scripted- with a few exceptions and fights. Now MTV has two new shows Fear and Jackass. My roomates love it because they naturally assumed it's real. Well, it's not. It's all acting and scripts. Jackass does have some "real" moments in it, just like Tom Green once in awhile does.

But those are bad, or rather unfair, examples because they do make people laugh/scared. They entertain you. So what if they're real or fake? It is pretty underhanded to make them appear "real" and "raw" though (but not beneath MTV mind you).

Hmm. Um. I suppose I got a little off topic.