Ever seen the MTV show Jackass where they rode shopping carts into sidewalk curbs and bushes?

Well, Chris, some frat boys, and I were coming back from seeing Hannibal and um, acquired a shopping cart on the way home. We were riding it around the commuter parking lot, when some jackass RA started yelling at us just because we hit him with it, oops. It was lots of fun. You learn pretty quickly that when the cart tips, if you don't roll then you end up sliding. And sliding hurts.

The RA came back later and asks, "You guys like that shopping cart, huh?"

"Yes we do."

"So do I." and with that he takes it.

So we immeidiately head down to the security office and bitch that some RA stole our shopping cart (that "Dan bought from a junkyard"). I quote from the officer, "What a fucking gestapo Nazi asshole, we'll get him."

After that we pretty much dissapated back to the dorms. Around 4am I got pretty bored and went out walking down the highway by the school. It was kinda cool, but kinda was lame. I eventually noticed that there's absolutely no birds around the DC area. Nor could I see any stars, only the moon (not one star!). Yet, there's so many trees everywhere, the horizon is blocked so you can't see the sunrise either. Pretty irritating.

I guess my only real goal in taking the walk was to get myself tired so I could go to sleep, and I did. But really I walked until I got tired, turned around and walked back. Which meant that I walked back around 6am and was already really tired. I think I'm going to walk down the other way tommorrow night and see what's down that way. Maybe some wildlife refuge where they actually have animals and open spaces...