I totally disagree with b_o_leary's conclusions:

The Bible says we were made in His image, not that we all look like Him still. Plus there are so many different types of humans already- black, white, red, yellow, short, tall, skinny, fat, innies, outties, etc. Heck, just considering that some humans have penises and some don't (plus have larger breasts) is enough of a difference to make the addition of a belly button insignificant.

Along with the above varying differences, does God have lungs? a heart? feet? toes? Whatever He looks like, I think the only things we can say for certain is that He has two legs, two arms, a head, two ears, two eyes, a nose, mouth, etc etc. There's also another interpretation that "God's image" merely refers to "God's idea of what he wanted to do".

Either or, I'd say they didn't.