The 8-bit ISO character set for the Hebrew alphabet. ISO-8859-8 is used with Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino.

The lower 128 entries are the same as the ASCII character set. The top 128 entries contain 27 Hebrew characters starting at entry 224 (0xE0) plus the miscellaneous symbols from ISO-8859-1 from positions 0xA0 to 0xBF (except the inverted question mark and exclaimation mark).

The Hebrew characters are:
hex   dec     description
0xE0  224  א  alef
0xE1  225  ב  bet
0xE2  226  ג  gimel
0xE3  227  ד  dalet
0xE4  228  ה  he
0xE5  229  ו  vav
0xE6  230  ז  zayin
0xE7  231  ח  het
0xE8  232  ט  tet
0xE9  233  י  yod
0xEA  234  ך  final kaf
0xEB  235  כ  kaf
0xEC  236  ל  lamed
0xED  237  ם  final mem
0xEE  238  מ  mem
0xEF  239  ן  final nun
0xF0  240  נ  nun
0xF1  241  ס  samekh
0xF2  242  ע  ayin
0xF3  243  ף  final pe
0xF4  244  פ  pe
0xF5  245  ץ  final tsadi
0xF6  246  צ  tsadi
0xF7  247  ק  qof
0xF8  248  ר  resh
0xF9  249  ש  shin
0xFA  250  ת  tav