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I’ll go to [Tuscany] alone
and flirt with [I kiss your eyes. You are breakfast, summer, and streetlamps.|dark eyed men]

I’ll buy a [zither]
and join a [Django Reinhardt|gypsy band]

I’ll [How to paint with nail polish|paint my toenails]
[fire-engine red]

I’ll learn to write[ Sanskrit]
[James Joyce's love letters to Nora Barnacle|and leave messages]
in [indelible][ Rorschach test| ink]
[The writing on the wall|scrawled on bathroom walls]
in [Rollingstone the Paper City|cities with names]
beginning with [Q [by caknuck]|the letter “Q”]

[All dressed up and nowhere to go|I’ll stay in on Thursdays]
and [I come home, she lifted up her wings. I guess that this must be the place.|cry myself to sleep]
on [Friday] nights

I’ll learn to [tango]
and propagate [red rose|red roses]
with [Roses in glass tubes at gas stations|12 inch stems]
[Why roses have thorns|devoid of thorns]

[the Wishing Star|I’ll make wishes on stars]
and [superstition|believe they’ll come true]

I'll subscribe to[Geek Teen Magazine Quiz| Ladies Home Journal]

I’ll have an affair with [Bob Dylan]
[The Catabolic Diet|I’ll lose 10 more pounds]
[Paris Hilton|and become famous for something truly inane]

[She is the queen of accidental magic. Her used kleenexes, taken by the wind, become soulful ghosts.|It could happen you know]