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In the late '90s I began working with [Ebriosity| alcohol and drug addicted] Native [Indian Child Welfare Act|American Indian kids]. I frequently took them into my home [Enabling behaviors|if they were not getting the support they needed] in their own homes. I provided a clean and sober living environment for them. When I began taking them to "meetings" at [Twelve steps|12 step programmes], I ran across a fellow, I knew from the [Renaissance Festival [by Scribe]|Renaissance Pleasure Faire], a man called Barton. He shared this piece with me and gave me permission to publish it. I now share it with others who may need a little[Alcoholics Anonymous| boost in their sobriety] or [Al-Anon Family Groups|for those living with addicts and alcoholics ]in their lives.

I always told my kids, "I believe [The River Why|'God'] / [The Gift of The Great Spirit|'Great Spirit'] is a river that flows through the universe. That river flows through you and me. "[Joe & Eddie|These Rooms]" are the banks of that river. If you stay close to the banks of the river, everything you want or need will float by; all you need to do is reach out and touch it to claim it as your own."

[Singleness of Purpose|In These Rooms]
by Barton

[Hope is the thing with feathers [by irnerio]|In these rooms]

I have bared what was left of [My soul is borne through the open air|my sorry soul]
I have [tears|shed tears] that, until this time, fell only on [don't think so loudly; whisper something in my ear|deaf ears]
[Luckily, my hands do not have eyes.|I have held the hands] of those I would [leper|never before have touched]
And [There was silence in my heart, but you found a way to break it.|I have found what was once lost] in [World, take care of me. You don't owe it to me, but I don't know any better.|a world that only cares for itself.]

[The tranquility of drinking alone|In these rooms]

I have [I wish I had the magic words that could take pain away|seen pain] that can [Guide to an Emergency Childbirth|only be compared with chilldbirth]
I have heard [A Tall Tale You Won't Believe|stories worthy of telling ]others for many lifetimes
I have seen many who could not accept [sobriety|the gift that is continually offered]
And [tough love|I have found love] so pure that no one willing could deny its existence.

[The room is full of smoke and dialogue I know by heart|In these rooms]

[Helping a loved one with depression|I have watched as gentle people threw themselves back to the wolves]
[Serenity Prayer|I have prayed with those who, like myself, could not believe]
[Why am I crying?|I have wept for others] who, until now, I would never have noticed
And [Some things dannye taught me without trying|I have found a truth], that for most, is [Holy Grail|as elusive as the holy grail]

[Friend of Bill W.|In these rooms]

[September 8, 2005 [by riverrun]|I have fallen in love], made and lost friends [July 9, 2010 [by IWhoSawTheFace]|and let you love me]
[August 25, 2010 [by IWhoSawTheFace]|I have been touched so deeply], and [You never forget that forgetting's required|I pray that I will never forget]
[I'm not drinking any more|I have made promises] for the promises that have been promised to me
And [higher power|I have found God], not [God [by Noung]|in the heavens], but [The Heart Has its own Memory|in the hearts of] those

[Let go and let God|In these rooms]