Return to Firenze (poetry)

Firenze ~ 2010

Emma tells me to sit on the chair
and she will “explain me the [Michelangelo's David|David].”
[Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder|I can’t concentrate], I am focused
on his marble [penis [by NightShadow]|penis], his testes,
his rippled, [erotica|nippled] pecs.
Then his [Crunches|rock hard stomach]
brings my mind
[Longing|whistling back to you].

You, [Faraway|in my bed] that first [Good Morning Heartache|morning].
You, [Making love|inside of me], that [Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning|sun-drenched morning.]
The [Fractal|fractals] of my [first orgasm|orgasm] painting the day.
You looking as if you would [stay forever].
Me [This Moment Yearning and Thoughtful|wanting you to].
[desire|Desiring you].

[Passing through the barrier of our eyes|Our eyes],
the [Namaste [by riverrun]|windows of our soul.]
You gazing in amazement
through [Don't misunderstand this one, it was like palm against palm through a window|the mullioned panes]
of this blue-eyed [What men want in a woman|woman-child],
who wants so much to trust again.
“[yes I said yes I will Yes.|yes I said yes I will Yes],” [Mantras of Surya Namaskar|our mantra].

[I turn over in bed, brush against your warmth, and know it is you|My bed], a sea of pillows
Gladly [Why would he want a writer when he could have a dancer?[by Demeter]|would I, could I, didn’t I]
drown in the [tsunami] of your [lust]

And now on to [Tuscany|Siena]
and [San Gimignano] solo.

[For my last trick, I made her disappear|Arrivederla]…mi amore
[She didn't wave goodbye so much as slightly raise her hand|Arrivederla].