Saturday night we went to dinner at a Trastevere restaurant and seconds after the Chianti arrived the bread server knocked it into my lap. I was wearing a vintage dress with a cream coloured silk slip with crocheted cathedral lace. I have a hairline fracture on my left foot and the last thing I wanted to do was go tromping down a long flight of stairs again to go to the ladies room to wash it out before it stained. I had just limped back from having washed my hands.

There I sat in a wet dress and slip. Trying to enjoy my risotto gamberetto. The dress finally dried out, but I awoke on Sunday morning with a sore throat and a cold. Today it's even worse and I have a jammed calendar for this coming week.

One happy note the long awaited book review for t. wagner's book WORDS MAY GO went live on the internet this morning.

I get to stay in bed all day!