Return to India (place)

I already wrote about [Indian Traffic]: here are some shorter [thoughts] on some other [impressions] from my first visit to [India].

  • Great birds flapping across the sky just yards from the highway: I thought some sort of [vulture], but when my [Dad] saw the [photo] he said it was a [black kite].
  • [Temples] - 3 or 4 between the hotel and the city. In daylight, you could see the colours - grey / blue / pink [mosaic] tiles mostly. In the evening it was the 20'-high [monkey-god] [statue] at the entrance that caught the eye. I would love to go back and look around those temples.
  • [High-rise blocks], buildings of [glass and steel], as futuristically curved and [cantilevered] as you would see in any major European city.
  • [Building sites] so dusty and chaotic-looking that it was hard to believe that these futuristic buildings would emerge from them - and yet they do.
  • Dusty, crowded, [low-rent] [low-rise] concrete [apartment blocks] right around and inbetween the glass and steel office blocks.
  • A [Mercedes] overtaking a [cow]: cows, of course, wander freely by the roadside.
  • [A dog running across the highway]: even in rush-hour drivers braked to let it cross.
  • That beautiful [sideways head-shake that Indians do] when you are talking to them. If I visit India for more than a few days I am sure I will start doing this too.
  • [Indian food]. A colleague advised being a [vegetarian] while in India, and certainly the vegetarian food was quite delicious. And [curry for breakfast] is a fantastic idea.
  • The number of people everywhere. So to have 3 [security guards] and 2 [doormen] round the clock is no problem: to have 3 people [clipping the grass] is no problem: to have 3 ladies [sweeping] dust from the driveway is no problem.
  • Sweet [coffee]! I forgot to tell the [coffee wallah] I didn't want [sugar], and boy was it sweet. But disappointingly they didn't have real [chai] in the office.
  • The disappointingly [Western food] at the hotel: of three restaurants, one was a steakhouse, one Italian, and one served a mixture of [Asian cuisines] (Malay, Indonesian and Chinese at least alongside Indian food).
  • Genuinely [friendly people] everywhere: even the [security guards] at the airport said '[hello]' and '[thank you]'. And the [politeness] and [willingness to oblige] shown by the manager at the hotel lounge club when we wanted [beers] after the [Happy Hour] was over was a joy to behold.
  • The [rubber stamp] is [alive and well and living in] India: to leave the country we acquired no less than 5 different stamps, on [boarding card]s, [visas], exit [forms], and [hand-luggage] tags.
  • As usual as [a Brit abroad], awestruck at the [multi-lingual] capabilities of everyone else (well, except [Americans]). For almost everyone in India, [English] is a [second language], and yet they speak it amazingly well.