Aside from being a catchy, marketable phrase that is included on a variety of objects, "What would Jesus do?" is also a very difficult, yet rewarding, way to live your life. Something I wish to stress is that, although the idea is amazingly simple, practicing this concept on a daily basis is quite complex. It is one thing to wear a fashionable bracelet; it is quite another to actually live its slogan.

Of course it is useful to consider this question in large, important decisions (Would Jesus shoot this guy? Would Jesus rob this bank?) but it is also worth noting in much smaller, less significant dilemmas (Would Jesus leave his dishes in the sink and hope someone else would take care of them? Would Jesus let this person merge in heavy traffic? Would Jesus pick on the dork or would he hang out with him?) Once you realize what the answer is, it can become pretty easy to "forget" to ask the question. I don't always want to think about my actions (or lack of action). Although, I have noticed that when I do reflect on the situation, an added reward is attached: a sense of approval and knowing that I did the right thing.

Regardless of your beliefs, considering what someone would do in the name of love and forgiveness is never a bad idea.