True story. My employer, Krimpt & Gimpi, Ltd., hosted a sponsored blood drive yesterday. I love a party.

Dreyer's Drive: an in-house memo

Give again! Our anniversary of
blood requires a token. Blood for ice cream
(with this coupon) -- pint-for-pint's the bargain.
Blood for juice and cookies, too -- for anger,
fear and ugly dreams, or anything to
keep the juices flowing -- as if some we
tapped a year ago are not still bleeding.
(That's the cost of insincerity. Have
you forgotten Arafat's donation?)
All blood is good; drive-by charity is
good enough. Act now! This offer won't last
long but, while it does, your dark suspicions
and the smell, the residue beneath your
fingernails, will not seem so...familiar.