Nay, verily I say unto thee, the Dew is a concoction of many faces and who shall know its power? Insidious it is, it befouleth even the purest of humors. Brethren and Sistern: When the days of the Dew grow nigh, the moon waneth in her glory and the powers of heaven shall be shaken. But he who comes of the Mountain and rideth the pale horse of two heads, with the tail of the dragon he hath spoken, of two tounges and twisted words. Therefore be thou angry and quaff not of the Dew or the Surge: for they that shall call forth his wrath shall be cursed with length of days, with enslavement to the house of the Dew and their offspring also, from generation unto generation. Amen, amen I say unto thee, hitherto thou wert deceived, but the path of righteousness is at hand, and the eternal truths have now been made known to the sons of men.