It is estimated that smoking causes some 120 000 premature deaths
every year, of which about a quarter are from lung cancer and around
one fifth are from chronic obstructive lung disease - bronchitis and
emphysema. Statistics show that the incidence of cancer increases
linearly with the number of cigarettes smoked. The presence of tar
and all the other chemicals found in cigarettes accounts for the damage
and subsequent uncontrolled reproduction of lung wall cells.
There is no argument against this. Smoking cigarettes does increase the user's risk of fatal lung diseases. However, what is the government's motivation in informing us of this (or any of the warnings for that matter)? Are they really concerned for people's health? Philanthropic? Altruistic?


In Canada, they are only concerned about the cost of taking care of the old sods who are dying from their lifetime habit, and it's too damned expensive. While there's nothing wrong with them trying to pare their immense budgets, it's the mode of thought that's disturbing.

You see, it's also been scientifically supported that excess of
McDonald's food causes fatal heart disease
and that
Walking around downtown during summer contributes to obstructive lung disease.

So why target cigarettes? It's because of the cuts that they had to make to cigarette taxes when the prices were so high that smuggling was more popular than legally purchasing them.

let them die when it's making us the cash, but stop them if it's costing us too much money. it's so fucking obvious.