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Well, I *was* pretty damn sure NOBODY would read this - Uh, I was wrong. Another noder claypenny hailed me, said she read my homenode and that's pretty cool. BTW her latest node rocks Maybe it's bad manners, but you still can't buy my baby. Visit her and her website (find the URL at her homepage). Yes, someday I will create a node just as cool.

I could basically write out some of the scary shit that fills my brain, you know the kind of stuff that properly formatted, just might be useful to a one-armed monkey with a Visa card. But I am waiting to learn the ropes here first.

My impressions so far:

1.) This site OWNZ me. I have only been lurking for a little over 48 hours and I've found answers to so many questions. I finally have found the true meaning of choda and that makes me happy.

2.) The Chatterbox STILL scares me. When I first wrote this, people were talking about metal bikini's and stuff. I felt so inadequate. I will continue to lurk for a while longer.

3.) I can see that it will pay untold benefits to study up on the community at large PRIOR to trying to node up anything. Oh, I have ideas! But they are all mine! Damn, I must fight this urge to be an XP whore already.

4.) Clicking on some of the big-dog names and looking at what they have book marked is almost as cool as the cool lists. Like dannye looks like the kind of person I would like to hang with. Unfortunately I doubt the reciprocity of said/felt emotions. Cuz, around here I'm just some n00b. But hey, a guy can dream.

5.) Okay, I have found my very own scratch pad. Silly me, I thought only more XP'd users got to use the scratch pad feature. 6.) I found my messagebox and a bunch of other useful tools. I am gaining strength here. Almost time to stand and subsequently get slammed back to the floor. I look forward to it, that's how you learn to walk and I am pretty sure the analogy holds true for learning to node.