OK daylog.

Some of you know me. I know my fellow members of Freedomforum are well acquainted. I keep them abreast of current events over here in South Korea, and we chat about current events and bitch about current events.

At any rate, I've just signed my volunteer statement for SFAS. I'm not your normal noder I guess. I see a lot of culture here dealing with subjects like, "I'm a geek", or I'm your average liberal collegiate genius.

I'm a soldier, and YES I'm proud of that. No I don't care if you like that or not. I also don't really care about politics. I've learned to take it in stride, and I'll cast my absentee ballot and move on, not paying much heed to politics unless someone starts taking my paycheck.

But yeah, I'm volunteering for Special Forces. If you're curious as to what I'll be enduring, check the node on SFAS, as that's what I'll be attending in January if I pass my physical. I'm not all too concerned with the politics you see, because there will always be someone for me to fight, Iraq or no. Take it how you will, but do it silently.