CS Chamber - Tear Gas - NBC

Today, me, SPC Magofna, and CPL Woodard conducted the NBC chamber for about 30 soldiers. We fill a chamber with Tear Gas and walk the soldiers in, who have their Pro Mask (Gas Mask) on. I have them break the seal of their mask, then reseal and clear it. Then we have them walk around in a circle, shaking their heads. At this point their exposed skin has started to burn. Then we stand by the back door. The soldier comes up, removes his mask, and screams his Name Rank Social and walks out the backdoor. Believe me, it's hard.

Ever try to smoke a cigarette coated with Tear Gas powder?

I have a question. This is a daylog? I logged what I did today. So why am I getting downvoted? ... .. That still makes no sense... okay..

Nero says re May 3, 2004: you are getting downvoted because you are involved in the milatary and thus don't agree with the vast majority of people who think that either 1. the US is bad or 2. the military is bad

Okay. I've been thinking about a response to all the people out there with this mindset.

What would you have me do? I'll tell you that before, I most likely would be in jail by now. The military offered me an outlet for what is going on with me. Plus this, I am an American and damn proud of it. While I may not always agree with political policy or action, I try to look at the positive, and I'll be damned if they don't outweigh the bad. When I go to other countries, and the downright... darkness, fear, filth... how could you think otherwise. I'm not a political man, I'm a man of action. The way I see it, I have chosen a side, for everyone in life must choose a path. I've chosen my suit, and I prefer to defend that with utter tenacity. It will be unfailing, and between you and me, anyone else that reads this, I don't feel I'll live a long life. My path is leading to adversity, but it's something different. Downvote me if you want, but maybe my passion scares you?

Haha, you know the only thing that separates "normal" functioning members of society and the very terrorists at question in today's culture? Politics. You can't tell me there isn't some stigma that has influenced most of you into supressing some of your more animal instincts. Much like sex, endlugence, bloodthirst. And before you criticize me, please listen, and try to understand. I embrace the animalistic side of humanity, and in this profession the only way to survive for sure is to be stronger and colder than the other. Like I said, we all have a place in life. Everyone fits into a category, subdivided into thousands of facets of diversity. That's what makes our world wonderous. I love my country. It's the wild west. But, it has a higher ideal, whatever that influence is.

Take Rage Against The Machine for example. They hate everything I am sworn to represent. They get murderers off of death row through Politics. They are no different than the same hippies that terrorized the families of soldiers fighting in desperate and lonely Vietnam. They are simply the evolution of that anti-establishment ideal. Why!? What does that solve? Where will the world go? Will free love and awareness feed my child? If it means I have to "work for the man", and he in turn will take care of me, why is he evil? Hell no, nothing but action. And we must ensure that we survive, and if that means somebody else has endangered that and must be terminated, well that's just how the universe works. It's so simple. Maybe I'm crazy, and I'm sure I am. But I have a purpose, and it will be realized. And if I survive, I will move on to my next assignment, raising my children and passing on to happiness, while my children began weaving their tales of humanity. Now who's ideas are more radical? Hate to burst your "I think outside the box" bubble. And my life is great.