Yesterday, I was calmly driving home in my car, leisurely chewing on my favorite guitar pick. I reached down to seize my delicious 7-UP and tipped it into my mouth as I turned a corner. Then!, a brand new Toyota Spider flashed by, causing my attention to shift slightly. I abruptly swallowed the guitar pick, and washed it down with 7-UP. BUT! I remained calm... I hoisted the 7-UP again, a bit more reluctantly, and chugged it. The guitar pick had other ideas. It logded, pretty painfully, right above my chest, still in my throat. I got home, told my mom I swallowed a guitar pick, and to my suprise, she wasn't surprised. I then grabbed a glass of water, and chugged it, too. The guitar pick slowly made it's way into my stomach. There, it has wreaked havoc into my stomach!

... All I can do is wait now, I guess. Ugh