Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal -

The regimental Sergeant Major of the MP (Military Police) corps talked to us yesterday at the Warrior Club. Being the senior ranking enlisted member of the entire corps, he is directly involved with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. This is a paraphrase of what he told us:

"Now, Abu Ghraib, this is all I'm gonna say about this. Those individuals will be taken care of. Those soldiers will be dealt with, but I don't want to focus on 5 or 6 that did the wrong thing, but the other 30,000 (reffering to the MP corps) that are out there doing the right thing."

Now, I agree that these abuses were wrong. Yes, wrong. Those individuals will be dealt with, believe me. The military is good at crucifying those individuals that fuck up and smear its reputation when it's as important as it is right now. Hopefully those Iraqi individuals can accept America's sincere apologies, because believe me, us on the ground ALL think it is a disgrace and completely against what we are trying to accomplish. Now if they were actually hostile insurgents, while it was still wrong, they should still be prosecuted as hostile enemy paramilitary forces.

He told us, during question and answer, that there were two things we could ask about: Things pertaining to us as a unit, and New Jersey. Also, he told us to expect some soldiers from our unit to find themselves in Iraq in the near future.

Update: I was just told that they deploying platoon would be taking 1 soldier from each section in Headquarters. There are 2 qualified soldiers in my section, me and a female that is overweight and already left Iraq due to mental problems. She also has a kid. Who do you think they will choose?

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