I drove to Camp Red Cloud today to pick up MREs. The sign by the gate indicated there was a civil disturbance in Yongsan. Basically, that means there were riots.

Why? Why, the mistreatment of detainees at the hands of American soldiers, of course!

I wonder if anyone protested the beheading of an American prisoner. I doubt it. I wonder if anyone protests the targeted killing of civilians in Iraq, or terrorist action on civilians worldwide. I doubt it. But they will protest when America accidentaly kills a civilian.

Have you ever felt like someone jumps on you for every tiny thing you do, when everyone else around you gets away with everything?

Is anyone protesting against China for demanding the "sovereign nation" of Taiwan to cede control and unite with communist China? I doubt it. But they will protest when China declares war on China and America steps in the name of freedom. America sacrifices the lives of soldiers for the interest of other peoples, peoples that will, most likely, end up hating us in the end anyway.

Is it my destiny to die in combat, fighting for a phantom freedom for ingrateful human beings that will forget the sacrifice in time? For every little thing America does, it is crucified. I don't see anyone else being protested against. As if some politician condemning the actions of so and so made a difference in the world.

I admit, there are things going on that shouldn't be done. Abu Ghraib was a disgrace to the honor of ground troops that are simply trying to survive and go home to their families. But why is it always America's fault? I shouldn't have to fight the people I swore I would defend.

jasstrong brought up the incredibly relevant fact that there have been protests on behalf of Taiwan. Thank you jasstrong, for being so kind and helpful.