The Luftwaffe, referring to: German Nazi airforce. It was formed in 1935, breaking the Treaty of Versailles. The Luftwaffe was part of the Wehrmacht, the main Nazi force governing Germany. Even when the Treaty of Versailles was being formed, Germany was experimenting with plane design.

In the beginning, the Luftwaffe was fighting a desperate war. Their numbers stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles. The members and pilots of the Luftwaffe knew they were fighting nothing more than a bloody war of attrition, and they were losing.

The Luftwaffe is notorious for producing many of the most decorated and skilled aces in history. They also birthed the Fallschirmjäger, or German Paratroops. The Luftwaffe planes were:

  • Arado AR
  • Blohm und Voss - Blome oont Vohs
  • DFS - Day ef es
  • Dornier Do - Doorneer
  • Fieseler Fi - Feeselar
  • Focke Wulf Fw - Fockeh voolf
  • Focke Wulf Ta - Fockeh voolf
  • Gotha Go
  • Heinkel He - Hinekel
  • Henschel Hs - Henshell
  • Junkers Ju - Joonkairs
  • Messerschmitt Bf - Messashmit
  • Messerschmitt Me - Messashmit
  • Siebel Si - Zeebel

These planes were advanced and feared. As equally feared were the pilots:

These are only a few of the top aces of their time.

Despite their tenacity and skill, not even the mighty Luftwaffe could prevent the eventual downfall of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler's eventual death.