The government is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
So they sacrifice our freedoms and rights, the reason why the hungry die.
But. of course its for our own good, the reasons hidden by our greed.
So gun shots and cocaine still rule the street.
And god forbid that something drastic should be done.
To many suckers, they wouldnt know their ass from a gun.

I slang coke to fiends, and so on. They missed the message that
a great man tried to instill on his African American people,
so they gunned him down in the street.

A hidden message, shrouded by hunger and gunfire.
Supressed by the same self-righteous mother fuckers that claimed they were the ones who could save us.
But the greed and stupidity turned them on the man that would rescue us.
He could have united the world, if his message hadn't been ignored.
And if I wasn't high I'd probly' try to blow my brains out.
But to this day, we still live on. Crack and cops still plague the world.
And even thugs cry, but do the Lord care.
Something about his life, it rings clear in my mind. Something familiar that
I can't escape, that I can't deny. And yes, even thugs can cry.
These fucking streets cry blood every day, and like the man
said. Someone gets shot in China, and we go to war.
Someone gets murdered on the streets, and it's just one
less drug dealer, or thief, or prisoner. But they fail to
realize the potential in that dead man. A father, cholar,
son, President. But the greed for public opinion is what
drives them. And all the time, a single man, from the
gutter, the absolute bottom, the world that politicians
tried to hide, rose up from the concrete and made
a statement. His message, the word. A united cause lost in