• Late Night
  • Mike and I were dropping a few girls off at someone's house. We hopped in the Acura to stop at E-Z Mart(god bless it!) on the way home from a long night of danger and frollick.

    Mike sits in the driver seat.

    Danielle: "What's that on his shoulder?"
    Me: "Mike, there is a big ass beetle on your shoulder.
    Mike: "Ugh. Get it off. God damnit! GET it OFF, man!"

    We thought it was gone...


    Mike shrieks... I look over at him, and his hands are flopping around like a small child. He is slapping at his chest, and swerving the car around the 4-lane road. I lean towards the window, overcome by laughter... I almost died. That bug wasn't to be found... Blech...

    Slap on pigtails and you've got yourself a bona-fide girly-man...! No sexism here.... Nope!